AMG Extreme Aerobatics and Big Swing

It was Durban’s turn to celebrate the uncontained, adventurous AMG spirit during an adrenaline-fueled weekend that included an aerobatic flight, an 80m free-fall and a full-throttle, test-drive of the A 45 AMG.

The Capacity of Cap City

In a new documentary about Pretoria's hip-hop culture, filmmaker Sara Chitambo looks at the rise and fall of the genre.

Flight Aerobatics to the AMG Extreme

When the AMG Extreme Adventure hits Durban this weekend, competitors will take to the skies for first-hand experience of stomach-turning flight aerobatics. Just what can the challengers expect from this one-in-a-lifetime experience?

Your DIY Guide to Being a Star Astronomer

Explore the night sky like a pro with these hot stargazing apps.

What You Need to Know About AMG Extreme SkyDiving

Competition winner Ross Johnson says skydiving is the most AMG Extreme adventure ever.

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